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Brain & Heart focuses on neurocardiology, a neurology and cardiology-based interdisciplinary subject that studies the circulatory mechanism of the human body, as well as the mechanisms of the interplay between the cardiovascular system and the nervous system. The journal’s scope includes:

Clinical and basic research on diseases related to the circulatory and nervous systems, such as: orthostatic dizziness, orthostatic hypotension, autonomic dysfunction, and the relationship between the autonomic nervous system and the circulatory function in cerebral degeneration;

Brain & Heart research on patients with syncope, autonomic dysfunction, cryptogenic stroke, and stroke with atrial fibrillation; research on the relationship between structural heart diseases and nervous system diseases, the correlation between cardiac electrophysiology and abnormal organizational structures and the pathogenesis of stroke, as well as new ways of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of unexplained stroke;

A new model of joint diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; the aerospace physiology research in aerospace medicine, including the maintenance of cerebral blood flow and brain function during in-orbit flight, the maintenance of cardiovascular and autonomic nerve functions, and the improvement of astronauts' sleep.


Distinctive clinicopathological features and differential gene expression of cerebral venous thrombosis mimicking brain tumors

Longxiao Zhang, Shixiong Lei, Yan Hu, Shengqi Zhao, ... Fuyou Guo
Brain & Heart 2023, 1(1), 188;
43 Download 354 Views

Application of the concept of neural networks surgery in cerebrovascular disease treatment

Qifeng Yu, Yuming Jiao, Ran Huo, Hongyuan Xu, ... Yong Cao
Brain & Heart 2023, 1(1), 223;
46 Download 390 Views
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