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With the rapid development of different disciplines, we have set up Column to deeply explore, comprehensively report, and focus on highly innovative and highly academically valuable scientific research results in the research fields covered by each journal. Column brings together the best topics selected by the Editor-in-Chief’s and Editorial Board’s teams based on the future academic trends and the latest research hotspots of different disciplines around the world to publish high-quality scientific research and academic results after soliciting contributions and rigorous peer review.
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Structural Heart Disease
Summary: Structural heart disease refers to conditions that affect your heart's valves, walls, chambers or muscles.  Over the past 10 years, it has seen tremendous advances in diagnosis and treatment. Structural heart disease has gradually become a hot spot in the field of cardiovascular disease. This column aims to collect the latest recognition of Structural heart disease and bring possible solutions for international researchers that relate to Structural heart disease.
Release date: 2023
Deep Learning and Optimization Insight into Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Cognitive Decline
Summary: This Special issue represents a pioneering exploration at the crossroads of deep learning/optimization and healthcare, focusing on unraveling the intricate connection between cardiovascular risk factors and cognitive decline. It delves into the application of several advanced computational mechanisms, especially, deep learning & optimization algorithms, to decode the complex patterns and correlations within high-throughput datasets related to the health of the heart and cognitive function. Through the lens of medical imaging, predictive modeling, natural language processing, and longitudinal data analysis, the book illuminates how deep learning and optimization unveil the subtle biomarkers, identifies predictive relationships, and enhances our understanding of the interplay between cardiovascular risk factors and cognitive decline. By harnessing these insights, the special issue envisions a future of more accurate risk prediction, tailored interventions, and enhanced management strategies, offering promising pathways to mitigate cognitive decline associated with cardiovascular health issues along with cancer.
Release date: 2023
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