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Advances in 3D bioprinting for regenerative medicine and drug screening

Submission deadline: 15 April 2023
Special Issue Editors
Massimiliano Papi
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Interests: Graphene; 3D-printing; Biophysics
Valentina Palmieri
Institute for Complex Systems, National Research Council of Italy (ISC-CNR)
Interests: Biotechnology; Graphene; Drug delivery; Tissue engineering
Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues

3D bioprinting is becoming the principal choice in medical clinic drug testing and the development of innovative disease models given the possibility to create multi-compartmentalized structures. Innovative printing technologies, 4D models, and bio-inks are continuously emerging with superior resolution, versability and reproducibility to achieve high-throughput reliable results. The possibility of reconstructing functional biological structures with great accuracy from clinical images opens the way for personalized regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. New class of medical devices such as prostheses, catheters and scaffolds can be printed on-demand with customized shapes and using smart materials makes this technology at the forefront of clinical practice.

This special issue is focused on creating a collection of the latest advancements, trends and strategies in 3D and 4D bioprinting with a special focus on the latest biomimetic materials having controlled properties from the nanoscale to the microscale

3D bioprinting
clinical Research
Tissue Engineering
4D Models
Published Paper (14 Papers)

FeS2-incorporated 3D PCL scaffold improves new bone formation and neovascularization in a rat calvarial defect model

Donggu Kang, Yoon Bum Lee, Gi Hoon Yang, Eunjeong Choi, ... Hojun J eon

Multifunctional 3D platforms for rapid hemostasis and wound healing: Structural and functional prospects at biointerfaces

Keya Ganguly, Maria Mercedes Espinal, Sayan Deb Dutta, Dinesh K. Patel, ... Ki-Taek Lim

Meniscus heterogeneity and 3D-printed strategies for engineering anisotropic meniscus

Ming-Ze Du, Yun Dou, Li-Ya Ai, Tong Su, ... Dong Jiang

Tissue-engineered edible bird’s nests (TeeBN)

Yu Liu, Yangyang Liu, Jiayue Liu, Yuwei Li, ... Chunming Wang

3D-printed gradient scaffolds for osteochondral defects: Current status and perspectives

Jianhang Du, Ziqing Zhu, Jia Liu, Xiaogang Bao, ... Dejian Li

Machine learning boosts three-dimensional bioprinting

Hongwei Ning, Teng Zhou, Sang Woo Joo

A sturgeon cartilage extracellular matrix-derived bioactive bioink for tissue engineering applications

Xiaolin Meng, Zheng Zhou, Xin Chen, Feng Ren, ... Hairong Liu

Near-infrared controlled release of mesenchymal stem cells secretome from bioprinted graphene-based microbeads for nerve regeneration

Giordano Perini, Valentina Palmieri, Marcello D’Ascenzo, Claudia Colussi, ... Marco De Spirito

Bioprinting of cell-laden protein-based hydrogels: From cartilage to bone tissue engineering

Mehran Khajehmohammadi, Negar Bakhtiary, Niyousha Davari, Soulmaz Sarkari, ... Farnaz Ghorbani
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