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With the rapid development of different disciplines, we have set up Column to deeply explore, comprehensively report, and focus on highly innovative and highly academically valuable scientific research results in the research fields covered by each journal. Column brings together the best topics selected by the Editor-in-Chief’s and Editorial Board’s teams based on the future academic trends and the latest research hotspots of different disciplines around the world to publish high-quality scientific research and academic results after soliciting contributions and rigorous peer review.
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Colorectal Cancer
Summary: Colorectal cancer remains a significant public health concern globally, necessitating ongoing research to enhance diagnostic accuracy and optimise management strategies. This Column explores cutting-edge advancements in colorectal cancer diagnosis and management comprehensively and highlights novel strategies for early detection, surveillance, and prevention of colorectal cancer. By gathering insights from leading experts and presenting the latest research findings, this Column aims to provide clinicians and researchers with valuable knowledge to enhance the diagnosis and management of colorectal cancer.
Release date: 2024
Lung Cancer
Summary: Based on updated estimates from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide, responsible for close to one in eight (12.4%) cancers diagnosed globally and one in five (18.7%) cancer deaths.  The high mortality rate of lung cancer is largely due to its often late diagnosis, when the disease has already advanced and treatment options are limited. The overall scale of lung cancer and the diversity of cancer profiles by world region and human development level reemphasize the need for a global escalation of targeted lung cancer prevention and control measures.  This Column aims to cover most aspects on new developments in lung cancer incidence, racial variations, lung cancer research, diagnosis, treatment modalities, and prognosis.
Release date: 2024
Cancer Prevention
Summary: Cancer prevention is action taken to lower the risk of getting cancer. This column aims to collect the on-going research focuses on cancer prevention and reveal the current thinking of future cancer prevention.
Release date: 2023
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