Tumor Discovery
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Date of Foundation: 2022-03-10
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Tumor Discovery is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal that aims to present new cancer research with strong emphasis on fundamental and translational studies. Tumor Discovery covers topics such as etiology and pathogenesis of cancer, mechanisms and molecular pathways underlying cancer initiation and progression, tumor metastasis, etc.


Stereotactic radiotherapy with simultaneous integrated protection planning technique for synovial sarcoma with stomach abutment: A case report of a complete response

Marco Lorenzo Bonù, Eneida Mataj, Jacopo Balduzzi, Maria Teresa Cefaratti, ... Stefano Maria Magrini
Tumor Discovery 2023, 2(2), 356; https://doi.org/10.36922/td.356
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Practice and consideration of master protocol in clinical trials

Jiali Song, Zhiwei Rong, Xinwen Zhong, Yuhong Lu, ... Yan Hou
Tumor Discovery 2023, 2(2), 342; https://doi.org/10.36922/td.342
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Malignant versus normal breast tissue: Optical differentiation exploiting hyperspectral imaging system

Mohamed Hisham Aref, Ibrahim H. Aboughaleb, Abdallah Abdelkader Hussein, Ayman Mohammed Farag, ... Yasser H. El-Sharkawy
Tumor Discovery 2023, 2(1), 258; https://doi.org/10.36922/td.258
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An overview of the risk, underlying factors, and mechanism of cancer progression in polycystic ovary syndrome

Rubiat Afrin Ayon, Md. Azmain Faike, Sumiya Zaman Ononna, Aminul Hassan, ... Md. Ashraful Hasan
Tumor Discovery 2023, 2(1), 328; https://doi.org/10.36922/td.328
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