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Volume 2 Issue 2 2023
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Practice and consideration of master protocol in clinical trials

Jiali Song, Zhiwei Rong, Xinwen Zhong, Yuhong Lu, ... Yan Hou
Tumor Discovery 2023, 2(2), 342

An evidence-based review on bexarotene

Ayushi Mahajan, Lovepreet Singh, Gurjeet Singh, Ravi Kumar Dhawan, ... Lakhvir Kaur
Tumor Discovery 2023, 2(2), 0436

Choroid plexus tumors: A spectrum from benign to malignant

Ali A. Mohamed, Thomas Caussat, Sophie Kelly, Phillip M. Johansen, Brandon Lucke-Wold
Tumor Discovery 2023, 2(2), 1057

Stereotactic radiotherapy with simultaneous integrated protection planning technique for synovial sarcoma with stomach abutment: A case report of a complete response

Marco Lorenzo Bonù, Eneida Mataj, Jacopo Balduzzi, Maria Teresa Cefaratti, ... Stefano Maria Magrini
Tumor Discovery 2023, 2(2), 356
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