Reviewer Board
Mario Pisani
University of Rome, Italy
Interests: Contemporary architecture, Architecture and Archaeology, History of Architecture and Landscape; Dissemination of Art Knowledge; Art Curation, etc.
Yueliang Zhou
Communication University Of China, China
Interests: Traditional Chinese Culture; Classical Literature; Film and Television Art; Western Aesthetics; Phenomenology of the Film; Art Communication; Wang Yangming Theory, etc.
Qiang Ning
Beijing Foreign Studies University, China
Interests: Art History of Asia; Dunhuang Art; Contemporary Painting; Archaeology; Theory and Practice of Art Appraisal and Valuation, etc.
Mu Xi
China Art Economics Research Institute; Shanghai University, China
Interests: Art Finance; Art Market; Cultural Industry; Literary Criticism; Immersive Interactive Animation Culture, etc.
Zeng Shan
China Academy of Art, China
Interests: Creation and Research of Painting, Sculpture and Fiber Art; Art Planning and Management; Comparison of Chinese and Foreign Cultures; Arts Education, etc.
Shaofeng Chen
Department of Philosophy, Peking University, China
Interests: Cultural Industry Strategy and Business Model; Government Management; Entrepreneurial Management Philosophy and Corporate Culture; History of Chinese Ethics; Neo-Confucianism and Taoist Philosophy in Song and Ming Dynasties, etc.
Ruiqi Liu
Lawyer College Renmin University of China, China
Interests: Lawyer's Litigation Practice and Skills; The Lawyer Art; Intellectual Property; Art Law, etc.
Jin Song
Central Conservatory of Music, China
Interests: Musicology; Music Aesthetics; "Postmodern" and Chinese Contemporary Music Culture; World National Music; Chinese Instrumental Music; Multi-Cultural Concepts of Music, etc.
Fang Ding
Institute of Renaissance Studies, Renmin University of China, China
Interests: Oil Painting Art Creation; Buddhist Art Iconography; Painting Materials and Restoration, etc.
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