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Editorial Board
Honorary Editor-in-Chief
Wolfgang Knapp
Berlin University of the Arts, Germany; China Academy of Art, China
Interests: Arts and Visual Arts Communication; Education and Sociology; Arts and Culture; Science and Media Art Production; Iconography; Art and Media; Stone Sculpture, etc.
Mario Pisani
University of Rome, Italy
Interests: Contemporary architecture, Architecture and Archaeology, History of Architecture and Landscape; Dissemination of Art Knowledge; Art Curation, etc.
Yueliang Zhou
Communication University Of China, China
Interests: Traditional Chinese Culture; Classical Literature; Film and Television Art; Western Aesthetics; Phenomenology of the Film; Art Communication; Wang Yangming Theory, etc.
Managing Editor
Runde Yu
Communication University Of China, China
Interests: Creation and Research of Painting, Calligraphy and Contemporary Art; Art Planning and Exhibition; Art Education; Art Appreciation, etc.
Associate Editors
Qiang Ning
Beijing Foreign Studies University, China
Interests: Art History of Asia; Dunhuang Art; Contemporary Painting; Archaeology; Theory and Practice of Art Appraisal and Valuation, etc.
Mu Xi
Shanghai University, China
Interests: Art Finance; Art Market; Cultural Industry; Literary Criticism; Immersive Interactive Animation Culture, etc.
Zeng Shan
China Academy of Art, China
Interests: Creation and Research of Painting, Sculpture and Fiber Art; Art Planning and Management; Comparison of Chinese and Foreign Cultures; Arts Education, etc.
Leigh Landy
De Montfort University, United Kingdom
Interests: Electroacoustic Music Studies; Sonic Creativity; Music Dramaturgy; Access to/facilitating the Making of Electroacoustic Music; Sampling Culture; World Music; Collaborative Devising Practices; Electroacoustic Music in a Cross-arts Context
Damián Keller
Federal University of Acre, Brazil
Interests: Ubiquitous Music; Computer Music; Composition; Music and Technology, etc.
Editorial Board Members
Petra Johnson
CSRP Institute, United Kingdom
Interests: Dance; Artistic research; Intra relationality; Sonic thinking; Sound
Lin Bao
Tsinghua University, China
Interests: Art Philosophy; Design Theory and Design Criticism; Sino-Western Painting Arts; Chinese Ink Art, Oil Painting Art Creation, etc.
Shaofeng Chen
Peking University, China
Interests: Cultural Industry Strategy and Business Model; Government Management; Entrepreneurial Management Philosophy and Corporate Culture; History of Chinese Ethics; Neo-Confucianism and Taoist Philosophy in Song and Ming Dynasties, etc.
Zhiyuan Cong
William Paterson University, United States
Interests: Engraving Art; Chinese Painting Art; Art Theory, etc.
Fang Ding
Renmin University of China, China
Interests: Oil Painting Art Creation; Buddhist Art Iconography; Painting Materials and Restoration, etc.
Grégory Jouanneau-Damance
Sorbonne Paris North University, France
Interests: Art History;Literary Criticism;Art Theory, etc.
Jisui Gong
Central Academy of Fine Arts, China
Interests: Art Market and Art Trade; Artwork Auction; Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Appraisal and Appreciation; Philosophy and Aesthetics, etc.
Yicheng Guo
Central Academy of Fine Arts, China
Interests: Art Licensing; Cultural IP Business Model; Art Business, etc.
Jun Huang
Renmin University of China, China
Interests: Art Financial Market; Art Asset Evaluation; Art Wealth Management Business Model; Cultural Economy; Finance; Digital Industry, etc.
Katie Hill
Sotheby’s Institute of Art, United Kingdom
Interests: Chinese Art; Chinese Contemporary Art; Critical Visual Art Practice; Art Consulting, etc.
Yuhong He
French Federation of Asian Artists, France
Interests: Contemporary Art Curation; Art Criticism, etc.
Sun-hyun Kim
Yonsei University, South Korea
Interests: Art Psychology and Clinical Art Therapy; Art Theory and Curation, etc.
Geng Li
Kyoto University of The Arts, Japan
Interests: Art Creation; Art Appreciation and Collection; Japanese Ukiyo-e Art; Chinese Painting Art History; Modern Ink Painting, etc.
Li Lu
Nanjing Museum, China
Interests: Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Identification; Forensic Identification of Cultural Relics; Cultural Heritage Appreciation and Restoration, etc.
Ruiqi Liu
Lawyer College Renmin University of China, China
Interests: Lawyer's Litigation Practice and Skills; The Lawyer Art; Intellectual Property; Art Law, etc.
Shuangzhou Liu
Central University Of Finance And Economics, China
Interests: Economics of Law; Economic Administrative Law; Auction Law and Economics; Advertising Law; Art Finance and Law, etc.
Jin Song
Central Conservatory of Music, China
Interests: Musicology; Music Aesthetics; "Postmodern" and Chinese Contemporary Music Culture; World National Music; Chinese Instrumental Music; Multi-Cultural Concepts of Music, etc.
Chunchen Wang
Central Academy of Fine Arts, China
Interests: Art History; Contemporary Art Theory and Criticism; Curation of Art Exhibitions; Art and Communication, etc.
Tong Wang
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark
Interests: Art Creation; Photography; Cultural Exchange; Oil Painting; Chinese Painting, etc.
Hui Yu
The Palace Museum, China
Interests: Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Appraisal and Research; Chinese Art History; Ancient Calligraphy and Painting; Artwork Technology Appraisal; Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition and Research, etc.
Zhenhua Yang
China National Cultural Relics Appraisal Commission, China
Interests: National Cultural Heritage Identification of China; Art; Jade Appraisal; Ancient Jade; The Ancient Porcelain, etc.
Li Zhao
Central Academy of Fine Arts, China
Interests: Art Market; Art Management; Art Business; Art History Theory; Art Curation; Art Appreciation, etc.
Rong Zhang
The Palace Museum, China
Interests: Miscellaneous Identification; Management and Research of Cultural Relics; Research on Ancient Artifacts; Antiquities Protection and Exhibition, etc.
Lin Zhou
Central Academy of Fine Arts, China
Interests: Intellectual Property Law; Art Law; Information Law, etc.
Mercedes Ballbé ter Maat
Nova Southeastern University, United States
Interests: Art Therapy; Psychology of Art; Studio Art, etc
Karen Burns
University of Melbourne, Australia
Interests: Architectural History; Architectural Design; Cultural Heritage; Creative Design, etc.
Helena Barranha
Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Interests: Cultural Heritage; Museum Architecture; Digital Culture; Contemporary Art, etc.
Nora M. Alter
Temple University, United States
Interests: Film; Media Art; Visual Studies; Comparative Literature, etc.
Jiaxing Xie
China Conservatory of Music, China
Interests: Music Education; Music Aesthetics; Music Analysis, etc.
Da Ma
Guangzhou University, China
Interests: Music Education; Chinese Traditional Music, etc.
Helen Kennedy
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
Interests: Games Culture; Creative Industries; Immersive Experience Design; Cultural Evaluation; Live Cinema, etc.
Tiija Rinta
University College London, United Kingdom
Interests: Artificial intelligence and the arts; The arts curriculum development; Global citizenship curriculum and the arts; Cross-cultural education.
Ángel Pazos-López
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Interests: Medieval Art; Liturgy; Iconology; Visual Culture: Museum Studies; Art Theory; Intangible Cultural Heritage; Digital Humanities
Catharine Ingersoll
Virginia Military Institute, United State
Interests: Art of Late Medieval and Early Modern Germany and the Low Countries; Gothic Art; Northern Baroque Art
Eduarda Vieira
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
Interests: Cultural heritage; Public art; Heritage and Conservation Theory; Sustainability
Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir
Iceland University of the Arts, Germany
Interests: Art; Art Practice; Cultural Studies; Sustainability
Kamil Kopania
The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, Poland
Interests: Art and Theatre; Art in the Middle Ages; European Puppet Theatre; Contemporary Art
Yao Song
Sichuan University, China
Interests: Digital Creativity; Digital Humanities; Art; Culture; Design
Adelaide Duarte
Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal
Interests: Art Markets; Collecting; Art Fairs and Biennials; Contemporary Art History
Marian Mazzone
College of Charleston, United States
Interests: Modern and Contemporary Art; New Media
Michail Panagopoulos
Ionian University, Greece
Interests: Cultural Heritage; Computer Applications to Arts; Computer Science Applications to Archaeology
Izabela Kopania
Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Interests: Contemporary Art; Chinese Export Art
Ana Gaio
City, University of London, United Kingdom
Interests: Cultural Sector; Arts Management; Creative Industries; Management of Creative/Cultural Organizations
Xiaohuan Zhao
The University of Sydney, Australia
Interests: Art and Archaeology; Magic, Myth and Ritual; Chinese Musical Drama; History of Chinese Theatre; Chinese Folk and Temple Theatre; Chinese Folk Religion and Ghostlore
Shelton Waldrep
University of Southern Maine, United States
Interests: Contemporary film; popular music; modern, postmodern, and contemporary architecture; contemporary American fiction ; contemporary critical theory
Mark Watson
Clayton State University, United States
Interests: Art History
Manuel González de Ávila
University of Salamanca, Spain
Interests: Semiotics; Interart Studies; Sociology of Literature and Arts
Michael Allan
University of Oregon, United States
Interests: Film and Visual Culture; World Literature; History and Theory of Comparative Literature
Ang Bartram
University of Derby, United Kingdom
Interests: Art and Animals; Animals within Social Contexts; Documenting Ephemeral Artwork; Artistic Research
Ricard Huerta
University of Valencia, Spain
Interests: Contemporary Art; Creativity; Art Education; Museum Education
Markos Konstantakis
University of the Aegean, Greece
Interests: Digital Culture;Human Computer Interaction;3d modelling;UX;Recommendation systems; Cultual Heritage
Albrecht Classen
The University of Arizona, United States
Interests: Politics; Religion; Economy; Sports; Literature; Medieval and Early Modern Art
Ricardo López-León
Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, Mexico
Interests: Visual Studies; Design Theory; Art&Design Education
Enrique Mallen
Sam Houston State University, United States
Interests: Picasso studies; Cognitive Studies (Art and Psychology); Semiotics of Art; Linguistics
Sheng Kuan Chung
University of Houston, United States
Interests: Art Education; Visual Culture; Critical Literacy; Culturally Responsive; Social Justice
Rungtai Lin
National Taiwan University of Arts
Interests: Cultural creativity; Cultural product design; Industrial design; Art
Dorota Folga-Januszewska
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland
Interests: Theory of Art; Museology
Milena Dragicevic Sesic
University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia
Interests: Cultural Policy; Cultural studies; Cultural & Heritage Management; Art activism; Culture of memory; Media Studies
Bólya Anna Mária
Hungarian Dance Academy, Hungary
Interests: Cultural Anthropology; Ethnography; Theory of Art; Theory of Music; History of Dance
Henrik Frisk
Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden
Interests: Artistic research; Music; Music as social practice; Improvisation; Interaction
Elizabeth Childs-Johnson
Old Dominion University, United States
Interests: Chinese Art and Archaeology
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