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The promoting effects of neighborhood social cohesion on self-reported depression: A cross-sectional analysis of adult Irish migrants in the United Kingdom

Jeff Moore1,2* Mary Tilki3,4
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1 Jigsaw: the National Centre for Youth and Mental Health, Dublin
2 Dublin City University, Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9, Ireland
3 The Federation of Irish Societies, London, United Kingdom
4 Middlesex University, London, United Kingdom
IJPS 2023, 9(1), 51–57;
Submitted: 23 December 2022 | Accepted: 25 March 2023 | Published: 11 April 2023
© 2023 by the Author(s). This article is an open access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution -Noncommercial 4.0 International License (CC-by the license) ( )

While studies have demonstrated a link between neighborhood social cohesion (NSC) and mental health, this relationship has been inadequately explained for migrant communities. This study explores the effect of NSC on the self-reported depression (SRD) of Irish migrants in the United Kingdom. Considering differing migration experiences and health outcomes across age groups of Irish migrants to the United Kingdom, we explore how this relationship was moderated by age. Logistic regression models showed that NSC promoted mental health in universal contexts. As risks increased, only perceived neighborhood safety promoted mental health. Age had a significant effect on the relationship between NSC and depression. NSC may be associated with reduced SRD for younger but not older Irish migrants. Our findings support interventions, which promote NSC in low-risk contexts and safety in higher-risk settings for Irish migrants. This study reiterates the mental health vulnerability of older Irish migrants.

Mental health
Self-report depression
Health promotion
Social cohesion

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Conflict of interest
The authors declare no conflicts of interest.
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