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With the rapid development of different disciplines, we have set up Column to deeply explore, comprehensively report, and focus on highly innovative and highly academically valuable scientific research results in the research fields covered by each journal. Column brings together the best topics selected by the Editor-in-Chief’s and Editorial Board’s teams based on the future academic trends and the latest research hotspots of different disciplines around the world to publish high-quality scientific research and academic results after soliciting contributions and rigorous peer review.
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Cell Biology, Molecular and Translational Medicine
Summary: This Special Issue series delves into the dynamic realm of cell biology, incorporating molecular aspects and translational medicine, spotlighting the latest breakthroughs and innovations poised to reshape our understanding and approach to combating diseases. With a dedicated focus on advancing knowledge and fostering collaboration, this series is a pivotal platform for disseminating advanced research, clinical insights, and translational aspects aimed at translating basic science into tangible clinical applications. Areas of exploration within this series include, but are not limited to: Fundamental cellular processes and their molecular underpinnings in disease pathogenesis Biomarker discovery and elucidation of cellular signaling pathways at the molecular level Identification of novel therapeutic targets and mechanisms of action at the molecular scale Optimizing clinical strategies, including combination therapies informed by molecular insights Integration of radiation, surgery, and emerging treatment modalities with molecular precision Palliative care approaches informed by molecular understanding to improve patient quality of life Enhancing patient adherence and satisfaction through personalized medicine initiatives rooted in molecular profiling Applications of AI and bioinformatics in medicine
Release date: 2024
Dentistry and Oral Medicine
Summary: This Special Issue series focuses on the forefront of oral health, presenting the latest advancements and insights aimed at enhancing patient well-being and transforming dental practice. This column serves as a vital platform for disseminating cutting-edge research, clinical expertise, and multidisciplinary perspectives dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding in the field of dentistry and oral medicine. Key areas of interest within this series include but are not limited to: Oral health and diseases Dental Biomaterials Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine Dental care, treatments, and procedures Oral hygiene and pathology Periodontal diseases Endodontics Dental implants Oral surgery and Prosthodontics Orthodontics Oral cancer Oral microbes Cellular research and biomarker discovery within the oral cavity Detection and screening methodologies tailored to oral diseases  
Release date: 2024
Cardiovascular Disease and Cardiology
Summary: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) encompasses a range of conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels, including coronary artery disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, and hypertension. As the leading cause of death globally, CVD necessitates continuous advancements in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Addressing these challenges requires innovative research, translational medicine, and technological advancements, which play a critical role in improving cardiovascular health and heart disease. Areas of exploration within this series include, but are not limited to: Cardiovascular disease (CVD)CardiologyHypertensionHeart failureArrhythmiasCardiovascular healthCardiac therapeutics and care
Release date: 2024
Infectious Diseases: Translational Medicine Perspectives
Summary: The rapid progress in the study of infectious diseases has led to transformative insights. Infectious agents, including bacteria, parasites, and notably viruses, have been implicated in various conditions such as immune system disorders, allergies, and cancers. These pathogens can interfere with the host's immune system, resulting in chronic, persistent diseases. As a result, elucidating the mechanisms behind chronic diseases induced by infectious agents has become essential, forging a critical link between fundamental research and clinical application. The significance of translational research in this context has grown substantially. In the realm of translational medicine, preventing and treating viral infections play a pivotal role in reducing the incidence of chronic inflammatory disorders, cancers, and other related health issues. Chronic infections also significantly impact the treatment and management of metabolic, inflammatory, and neoplastic conditions. To manage these patients effectively, it is vital to follow guidelines and recommendations from scientific societies. Key areas of focus in this field include but are not limited to: Epidemiology of infectious diseasesDevelopment of anti-infective therapies and vaccinesResearch on emerging infectious diseasesInvestigating the role of infections in the development of chronic non-infectious conditionsExamining chronic infections as comorbidities in neoplastic, metabolic,  inflammatory disorders, and immune system disordersUnderstanding infectious adverse events related to immunosuppressive or anti-neoplastic drugs
Release date: 2024
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