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Call for Papers: Global Translational Medicine
10 October 2023

Global Translational Medicine (GTM) is a quarterly journal that focuses on medicine, biological sciences, and biomaterials engineering. The goal of Global Translational Medicine is to provide a platform to researchers for showcasing their latest research works in translational medicine so as to advance the field towards the betterment of human health. Despite the advancement of omics and new technologies, the process of transforming these technologies and scientific research results into effective therapies and putting them into clinical use still has a long way to go. Global Translational Medicine provides a platform to fill the gaps in preclinical and inter-disciplinary research, to promote clinical translation of scientific research results, and to contribute to the conception of new and improved preventive measures as well as diagnostic and therapeutic techniques of diseases.

Global Translational Medicine covers subject areas, including but not limited to the following:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • metabolism/diabetes/obesity
  • neuroscience/neurology
  • cancer
  • biomaterials and their applications in medicine
  • proteomics/metabolomics
  • pharmacogenomics
  • biomarkers
  • bioinformatics and data mining
  • animal and clinical research, and medical methods arising from interdisciplinary crossover

We welcome researchers and scholars in the related fields to submit manuscripts to GTM. GTM upholds high publishing standards and adheres to rigorous peer review prior to acceptance. Potential authors are encouraged to make submissions through online submission system

If you have any question about submissions and publications, please contact the Editorial Office at

Warm Regards,
Editorial Office
Global Translational Medicine 
AccScience Publishing

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