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Advanced Neurology is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal that aims to publish and disseminate novel research in the breadth of neurology and neuroscience. The journal aims to advance our understanding in the nervous system and provide a platform to neuroscientists and physicians to showcase their findings in original fundamental and clinical research as well as to present new ideas that highlight the changes in the neurological clinical practice.


Myographic evidence of polymyositis and dermatomyositis in COVID-19 patients

Nareen Haikaz Hasrat, Haithem Jawad Kadhum, Zaineb Adil Yakob, Ali Raheem Hashim, Hassan Ala Farid
Advanced Neurology 2023, 2(2), 378;
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AT1 receptor role in the hypothalamic and renal function interaction

Celia Ruberto, Victoria Belén Occhieppo, Claudia Bregonzio, Gustavo Baiardi
Advanced Neurology 2023, 2(2), 393;
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Seizures and chronic kidney disease: An in-depth review

Henry H.L. Wu, Claire C.Y. Wang, Suresh K. Chhetri, Arvind Ponnusamy, Paul Warwicker
Advanced Neurology 2023, 2(2), 314;
37 Download 323 Views

A novel approach to mitigate muscle atrophy in Guillain-Barre syndrome

Kevin Cheung, Sussan Askari, Matti D. Allen
Advanced Neurology 2023, 2(2), 280;
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