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Hainan International Union Foundation For Healthcare Innovation,HIUFHI 

Introduction: Hainan International Union Foundation established in 2020. It is an international charitable organization registered by the Hainan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs and in charge of the relevant departments of the Hainan Provincial Government. It takes "standardization, innovation, public welfare, and alliance" as its operating philosophy, and does the right thing with the right mentality and the right method. Under the original intention of stimulating the adventurousness of pharmaceutical innovation and tolerant of trial and error in pharmaceutical innovation, a strict public welfare fund management system and standardized project operation process have been formulated. Ensure that all public welfare projects are used openly and transparently on the basis of respecting the wishes of donors, and ensure that all public welfare projects make donors and recipients complement each other, and adults can achieve their goals. 
Funding Areas: 1. Sowing: Funding for innovative medical technology inventions; Make increments for medical innovation; 2. Move: Funding for medical innovation technology transactions;Inventory for pharmaceutical innovation; 3. Awakening: Funding for medical innovation academic exchanges; Create hope for medical innovation; 4. Energy Storage: Funding for the cultivation of pharmaceutical innovative talents;A protracted battle for medical innovation; 5. Breakthrough: Funding for clinical research on innovative pharmaceutical technologies;Clinical Research Long / Obstruction  
Prospects: Committed to the "government-industry-university-research-funding use" multi-party close cooperation, it has developed into a pharmaceutical innovation research and development enterprise, academic research institutions, clinical research institutions, innovation service institutions and pharmaceutical investment institutions. An international pharmaceutical innovation public welfare platform covering the whole chain of special funds for the research and development, production, use, investment and financing of medicines and medical devices. 
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