Gene & Protein in Disease
Electronic ISSN: 2811-003X
Date of Foundation: 2022-06-30
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Gene & Protein in Disease (GPD) is an international journal for molecular and translational medicine. GPD primarily covers research on the complex interplay between genes, environments, and behaviour utilizing multiple levels of analysis, e.g., genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, glycomics, lipidomics, metabolomics and microbiome study, with advanced techniques both in vivo and in vitro, e.g., genetic, epigenetic, genetic editing, molecular, cellular, tissue, animal model and bioinformatics approaches. Publication formats include full length research article, review article, short communication, correspondence/Letter, perspectives, commentary, views on news, and research watch.


Perineural invasion in prostate cancer is associated with Schwann cells and disruption of circadian rhythm-related gene expression: A bioinformatics approach

Sérgio Lopes Silva, Genilda Castro de Omena Neta, Rodger Marcel Lima Rocha, Ana Kelly da Silva Fernandes Duarte, Carlos Alberto de Carvalho Fraga

Opportunities and challenges of integrating HIF-1 into clinical practice for cancer treatment

Maria Vasileiou, Christina Tsianava, Sotirios Charalampos Diamantoudis, Teodora Mazneva, Kleio Giortsiou
Special Issues

Biomedicine and Bioinformatics Engineering

Guest Editors: Pier Paolo Piccaluga , Mohsen Navari
Submission deadline: 31 January 2025

Unveiling the Integration of Epigenetic Language of the Host-Microbiome Crosstalk in GI Disorders

Guest Editors: Mudasir Rashid , Sameer Mir
Submission deadline: 31 December 2024

Exploring the Tumor Microenvironment: Nanomedicine Approaches to Improve Drug Delivery and Therapeutic Efficacy

Guest Editors: Mohd Ahmar Rauf , Mohammad Oves
Submission deadline: 31 December 2024

Biofilm Formation in Healthcare: Strategies for Prevention and Eradication

Guest Editor: Vinay Kumar
Submission deadline: 01 December 2024
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