About AccScience Publishing
AccScience Publishing is a sustainable, well-known diversified knowledge service platform.

August 2023: CAS Indexing

    • In August 2023, five journals from AccScience Publishing (ASP), which included "Advanced Neurology," "Global Translational Medicine," "INNOSC Theranostics and Pharmacological Sciences," "Materials Science in Additive Manufacturing," and "Tumor Discovery," were indexed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). This marked a significant milestone in their academic recognition.

January 2023: Scopus Recognition

    • In January 2023, "International Journal of Population Studies" and "Journal of Chinese Architecture and Urbanism" published by ASP were indexed by Scopus, signifying international recognition for the quality of these journals.

2022: Creation of New Journals

    • In 2022, ASP expanded its portfolio by establishing five new journals:
      • "Advanced Neurology"
      • "Tumor Discovery"
      • "Global Translational Medicine"
      • "Gene & Protein in Disease"
      • "Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics"